Tropical Garden Landscaping

Exquisite And Edible

Tropical Garden Landscaping provides services focusing on exquisite tropical fruit trees ... Our team has created designs featuring beautiful borders, gardens, patios and driveways. Best of all the trees yield delicious fruit, such as Lychees, Mangos, Passion Fruit and Guava.

Shortly About Us Offers Comprehensive Tropical Garden Landscaping Services.

We have installed any type of tropical fruit you can think of in Florida yards and groves. The short list of readily available fruit are enumerated on the Nursery page of the website.

We offer great service service at the most affordable prices and we assist you from the beginning to the completion of the process. After your landscape has been created we continue to support you with updates, maintenance and training so that you can continue to enjoy your edible landscape for years to come.

Magnificent landscaping in South Florida environments requires a great deal of expertise. We strive to provide visually attractive landscapes while complying with county and municipal codes. Windstorms, irrigation restrictions, invasive species and newly emerging insect pests further complicate the design and maintenance process.

Creative and attractive Landscaping adds value and beauty to any home.

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David Lang - Operations Manager

David is our Operations Manager who will meet with you and evaluate you yard and assess the available space. He will develop a list of your preferred fruit trees and work out a schedule of installation. If the fruit is in season we will provide you with samples to taste prior to making any final decision on the inverntory of trees to be planted into your landscape.