Tropical Garden Landscaping

FruitScapes "R" Us

Magnificent Landscaping in South Florida environments requires a great deal of expertise. We strive to provide visually attractive landscapes while complying with county and municipal codes. Windstorms, irrigation restrictions, invasive species and newly emerging insect pests further complicate the design and maintenance process.

Exquisite and Edible

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What We Offer

Edible Fruit Landscaping

We are a full service tropical fruit and general landscaping and commercial fruit grove design company specializing in the design, installation and maintenance of South Florida landscapes with an emphasis on incorporating edible tropical fruits into the design.

A Full Stocked Nursery
Most all of the trees that we sell are ready to produce fruits within the first year or two of planting. If your requirements calls for full grown trees and are at an immediate fruiting stage then we can also provide such specimens on request.
Tropical Fruit Beauty

We can help you experience a taste of the tropics while living in South Florida providing an opportunity to grow some very exotic and unusual fruits that are ripe throughout the year based on the type and variety.

We always recommend that some tropical fruit trees, such as the georgeous young lychee tree above, are integrated into a landscape design. Many of these fruit trees make beautiful specimen trees even for the smallest yard, while others are suitable for border plantings as shrubs.


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"I've appreciated your quick e-mail responses, flexibility, and willingness to share information. It's refreshing. Your website, debth of products, variety of tropical fruit trees, prices and products are really a grade higher than any other grower/nursery I've seen."

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