Tropical Garden Landscaping

Exquisite And Edible

Our tropical fruit tree nursery has a wide selection of the most common tropical fruit trees which thrive in South Florida. Tropical Fruits are one of our specialties and we can provide you with a great deal of helpful advice on which types of fruit trees to plant and the best and most tasty varieties.

Tropical Fruits From Tropical Fruit Trees

Experience a taste of the tropcis while living in South Florida provides an opportunity to grow some very exotic and unusual fruits that are ripe throughout the year based on the type and variety. Some ot these tropical fruits are well known to most of us such as mangos, avocados and bananas.

Other types of fruit such as lychees are not as well known such as these fruits. Lychee fruit is one of the most important tropical fruits in the world outside of the Unitied States. Other fruits such as Star Fruit (Carambola) and guavas are beginning to show up in the specialty markets with a greater frequency.

Update From The Sweetheart Grove

In this 5 minute video Bill shows the two different types of lychee trees in this grove (Sweetheart and Mauritius). He demonsrates the difference between Sweetheart and Mauritius fruit and shows how to determine fruit ripeness. The clip ends with instructions on how to peel and eat lychee fruit, for those who have not yet had this marvelous experience.

Our Specialty

We always recommend that some tropical fruit trees are integrated into a landscape design. Many of these fruit trees make beautiful specimen trees and others are suitable for border plantings as shrubs.

Even the smallest yard can accommodate some varieties of tropical fruit trees and we will help you make an informed decision regarding the mix and selection of trees. Most all of the trees that we sell are ready to produce fruits within the first year or two of planting.

If your requirements calls for full grown trees and are at an immediate fruiting stage then we can also provide such specimens on request. If you do not see the plants you want in our nursery we can obtain them for you at the best prices from our affiliated network of growers.