Tropical Garden Landscaping

Exquisite And Edible

Tropical Garden Landscaping provides a wide range of Landscape Projects. Below are visuals from a property adorned with a beautifully landscaped design created by our experienced team. When you combine landscaping with tropical fruit trees, the results can be an impressive addition to any home. The results are below.

Project Services

  • Design and Installation
  • On this project, Tropical Fruit Landscaping perfomed the landscaping design and installation for this South Florida home. As with all our projects, the emphasis is on incorporating edible tropical fruits into the design.
  • Tropical Tree Selection
  • All the trees were selected by the customer from our well-stocked Tropical Tree nursery.
  • What You See is What You Get
  • Or, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating"... He got what he wanted and now you see the beautiful result.
  • Plant Selection
  • Tropical Fruit Trees alone do not a perfect landscape plan make! It also takes other tropical plants and schrubs to completer the design, As with the trees, the plants and schrubs were selected from our nursery.
  • Irrigation and Wells
  • A well designed and built landscape may require the construction of irrigation systems to protect and afford the trees with adequate water for beauty and growth. This particular project did not need that due to its proximity to an adjacent lake.
  • Landscape and Tree Maintenance
  • The home owner for this project has continued to receive the support, update, maintenance and training he will continue to enjoy his edible landscape for years to come.
  • Most Affordable
  • For this project, Tropical Fruit Landscaping supplied all of the fine plant meterial. We installed the trees and plants from those selected in our nurseries. Our prices weree lower than any other supplier and our installation costs were the most competitive in the industry.

From A Design Idea ...

To A Finished Landscape